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“Southern NetworX was originally hired to bridge a gap from our IT Director departing until we developed a plan for our next steps – either hire a replacement or change our structure and use an outside IT firm. After the initial 3 month contract, we learned that Southern NetworX could help supplement our IT department and maintain a consistent level of support to our staff and also be instrumental in the development, management and continued maintenance of our network and IT infrastructure needs.

We now have the peace of mind knowing that our IT infrastructure investment and our critical business data are being properly cared for by experienced IT professionals.”

         – Georgia Chamber of Commerce


“… I would have to say what I like best about working with Southern NetworX is we never feel “alone” – if we have a problem, I simply log onto the help desk and create a ticket.  Within an hour or so, I have gotten a response and someone is working to resolve our issue. As far as saving us time or money…the doctor LOVES that we are no longer bothering him with any computer issues – it’s “not his problem” anymore!  He is able to focus primarily on dentistry and doesn’t have to worry about any computer issues; he knows we have the team at Southern NetworX to take care of anything that comes up.

Absolutely, the doctor would – and has – recommended Southern NetworX to other businesses. Southern NetworX is the ONLY IT provider we have used.  Before this, the doctor was doing all of our computer work…as I stated earlier, when the computers, and the network, was something the doctor had to monitor (and try to resolve problems) – it caused additional stress on him.  Now that we have Southern NetworX, he doesn’t have to think about the computers at all – they have just become another working part of our office that he does not have to worry about. When we have had issues, the team at Southern NetworX has worked on these issues remotely, after our working hours, so as to avoid any of our patients being inconvenienced in any way.

We appreciate how Southern NetworX makes us feel as if we are their ONLY customer and that our needs are ALWAYS their top priority!  When we have a problem, it becomes their problem and they try resolving the issue immediately.”

         – Lori Hoyle, Michael D. Danner Family Dentistry


“What we like best about working with Southern Networx is the friendliness and promptness of working with their staff, having a direct line to the owner, the Ability to work with-in our budget, and their genuine concern for our needs.

Southern NetworX has absolutely saved us money and time, making our business more efficient and affordable. The improvements to our software and hardware have been extremely beneficial to general productivity.

We would absolutely recommend Southern Networx to other business, and do often.”

         – Mack Headrick, 7Stages